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Stinson Carpet Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Turns Yesterday's Kitchens and Bathrooms into Up-to-Date Stunners; Increases Your Home's Value

Kitchen & bath remodeling by Stinson Carpets is performed by our highly-experienced craftsman who are licensed and fully insured in Florida.

Stinson Carpets kitchen & bath remodeling service can fully upgrade your rooms with the very-latest flooring, cabinets, window treatments and appliances at very competitive pricing. There is no finer product or installation provider in the Lakeland, Bartow or Plant City, Florida areas. We can also help you to select the right products, including appliances and lighting fixtures. We provide helpful services like free design consultation and professional installation to make remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms be completed professionally, within budget and on time.

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Consider kitchen & bath remodeling

Did you know that kitchen & bath remodeling can increase your home's current market value? Homes with new kitchens and bathrooms generally sell quicker and for considerably more money. When you add luxury materials such as marble or granite countertops it can raise this price even higher. Kitchen & bath remodeling done at the right time can also save you money on repairs usually necessary with older flooring and fixtures.

How to plan for a kitchen & bath remodeling project

Remodeling your kitchen and bathroom isn't a simple project even if you have done it before. This is where Stinson Carpets experts can prove to be a major benefit. We provide access to helpful resources that can make the entire renovation project simpler for you. For one thing our expert craftsmen will give you advice about products that look to be luxury items, but actually cost a lot less. You can also confer with our professionals to ensure that your lifestyle is consistent with the materials you are selecting. Begin by following these two important steps:
  • Plan your budget - Budgeting gives you the advantage of being able to save money where you can and also prevent overspending. You will know where you can afford to spend a little extra, and where you must try to get a bargain and spend somewhat less.
  • Take some time off - You will need to spend some extra time at home to keep tabs on the progress of your kitchen and bath remodeling. Taking time off from work will give you the clear mind you'll need to do so.
Call Stinson Carpets in Lakeland to discuss your renovation plans with one of our experts. You can also stop-by at our showroom at your convenience to discuss your kitchen & bath remodeling project.

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